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About our Pods

As leading Glamping Pod manufacturers and suppliers Quality Pods will work closely with you on your bespoke project to create a unit that is highly practical. Guiding you through the design, manufacturing and installation process which will make things both simple and clear so that you are fully aware of what is happening, where, when, why and how. As leading Glamping pod manufacturer, we take great pride in providing our customers with a professional service, which has been at the very heart of the business since the beginning.

Our Guarantee

We at Quality Pods Wales offer a 10 year structural warranty which simply guarantees that your Quality Pod will retain its structural integrity for at least that period. In truth given the quality of materials employed and the craftsmanship involved we would expect a Quality Pod to last for many decades. Every appliance comes with a 1 year manufactures guarantee.

Terms and conditions apply*

What are the Site Requirements?

What size site will I need?

The minimum size of your site required will depend on which model Pod you are looking to install. We recommend allowing for a 2m gap between your Pod and a boundary and your site will also have to copy with local planning laws. You will also need to think about access to your site as our Pods are Pre-fabricated and will arrive on the back of a lorry.

What services do I need to have installed?

All of our Pods are Plug & Play meaning that services can be quickly connected. We do require that you have a mains waters supply, and electrical supply (240v) and a sewage line to either a mains or a septic tank.

Will I need to build anything when the Pod arrives?

Your Quality POD is delivered fully assembled and is plug and play ready. Prior to delivery we will have discussed with you Site Preparation. We will also have discussed with you access for delivery and means of off-load, so the installation process is usually very quick.


At Quality Pods one of our highest aims is to keep our pod construction as environmentally friendly as possible. To do this we consider a holistic approach to design and manufacture. All of our range is constructed locally and we use locally sourced materials where ever possible. Our Pods also have a low Caron footprint when operational due to a high thermal efficiency which also keeps running costs down.
Highly Insulated
Highly insulated walls means lower running costs and enables the Pods to be used all year round.
Low Energy Appliances
Most of the appliances that you will find in a Quality Pod will have high energy ratings making the whole pod very energy efficient.
Double Glazing
Our custom circular French doors and our other circular windows are all double glazed to help you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

What do I need to know about planning?

The pod has been designed to fit into permitted developments. The link is below to see if you meet the criteria. If you do not meet what they have specified, then planning may be required.

The Quality POD also comes within the definition of “caravan”. As far as the relevant law is concerned, a caravan is “… any structure designed or adapted for human habitation which is capable of being moved from one place to another” (whether by being towed, or by being transported on a motor vehicle or trailer) provided they retain the element of mobility. We still recommend that you speak to your local planning authority for advice.

Diagram from PlanningPortal.co.uk

An Investment Opportunity

Potential Income for Renting your Pod

For those looking at camping pods to buy for a potential business, then naturally you want to ensure a good return for your investment when renting your camping pod out. 

With a combined increase in the domestic camping market, alongside the popularity of glamping, camping pods provide a seamless experience between the two markets, offering your clients something which is both different and more dependable when it comes to the unpredictable British weather. 

By being able to offer insulated accommodation free from the worst of the British climate, the traditional camping season can be extended. 

Buying a camping Pod provides the ideal accommodation in those Spring and Autumn months which wouldn’t traditionally be suitable for people looking to camp, but still want to enjoy a holiday or short break outdoors. 

Delivery & Installation

We will deliver and install your Pod to anywhere in the UK and even beyond. Please contact us to get an accurate quote.