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Pod Design

At Quality Pods we see design as essential in all that we do. We strive for our Pods to be:


‘We aim to use ever inch or space with purpose. Every aspect has been precisely designed and manufactured to optimise your Pod experience’

Wall Pockets
Great space savers for all sorts of things, books, phone charging station and so on. Size 550mm x 400mm. Also available with hidden lighting.
Foldable Table
A Unique hinge system that allows ease of movement, and gives so much more space

Aesthetics & Finishes

Finishes and aesthetics make our Pods beautiful to touch and see. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality materials on all surfaces.

Cladding Options

The cladding is the skin to your pod. It’s is important not just for appearance but also to be the 1st defence against the outdoor elements. We have a selection of different cladding options that provide different looks, properties and protection.

Quality Pods Standard Cladding;
Abodo Cladding
Abodo cladding is a highly durable with an amazing finish, this is the perfect cladding for the exterior of your pod.
Quality Pods Recommended Cladding;
Accoya Cladding
We know that aesthetics, low maintenance and durability are crucial. Accoya out-performs even the most durable tropical hardwood cladding. By combining superior stability and durability with the beauty of natural wood, you can achieve the look and the performance you want from your timber cladding. Not to mention Accoya’s world-leading sustainability credentials.

Maintenance & Durability

The pod is completely encased in beautiful Abodo or Accoya cladding which both have a very high resistance to decay, and rarely shrinks or twist. They also have superb acoustic and thermal properties. The expected lifespan is around 50+ years Our Pods also have an EPDM roofing system which provides a very durable cap to the pods. With a life expectancy of 50+ years, the exterior of your Pod is designed to last as long as bricks and mortar. ​The pods have our own unique PVC door and windows, which set it apart from the rest. The better you treat your POD the better it will treat you!!!!! Your pod will come with a printed guide on Pod maintenance.


A LPG 28kw gas heating system this controls all hot water including kitchen tap,power shower and wash basin. This is a very good option if you have issues with power this system means you can optimise the pod with just a 3 pin 16amp plug as this system would replace the 7.2kw shower and the need for a 32 amp supply.
Smart Television
Concealed in the wall with pull-out bracket and electrics. Various Sizes are available. Televisions are also equipped with smart features.
Cooking Appliances
Induction cooking tops are recommend as the counter top heating utility. These are energy efficient and far safer than a traditional gas hob. Our kitchen packs can also be equipped with either a micro-wave oven or a full electric cooker.

Luxury Extras

Hot Tubs

A must for any glamping pod! See the full range of available tubs here.

3D & Vinyl Feature Walls

Add textures and vinyl print to your walls to really make your Pod stand out.

Fascia Printing

Great for glamping sites to give your pods a unique twist or a home office and put your company logo.

Mirror Window Tinting

Our range of solar control films can help prevent heat build-up by 30% plus offers great privacy

Wheel Kit and Hitch

for easy movement. Wheel kit just slots into existing lifting slots.

Luxury Vertical Blinds

with fitted cover to conceal the brackets. Easy clean black out blinds, and sewn in weights. (Large colour choice available).

Discover more ways to customise your Pod

Do you Customise?

Your Pod, Your Layout

We are set up to fully customise our Pods to your requirements. Every location and client need is different, and we are here to work with you on making your Pod exactly how you want it. See our full list of customisable options below;

Customise Colour & Finishes

Whatever your vision, brand or taste, we’ve got you covered. Everyone of our Pods is unique in someway and we love creating something new with each order.

Collaborative Communication

Our aim is to work collaboratively with you to create a Pod that fully suits your needs. We will be with you at every step of the design!


We have created Pods for all sorts of multi-purpose uses. From homeless shelters to writing sheds, if you have an idea that you would like to bring to fruition, we are here to help.

Next Steps?
If you are ready to move forward with your Pod then get in contact with a member of our Sales Team.