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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Pods easy to install?

The Quality Pod doesn’t require foundations which mean that it can be installed where other structures cannot, (under trees, on slopes etc). Arriving fully assembled, it is simply lifted into position and after waste, water and electrical connection is made it’s for use. Quality Pods are usually ready to go after an hour of delivery.

How many people can a Quality Pod accommodate?

It totally depends on the size of pod(s) you are looking to purchase. for example our 4m pod can accommodate 2 persons, but our 5 and 6m pods both can accommodate up to 4 persons, with the 6m being much more roomy!

See our guide to occupancy across our Pod Range here

Do Quality Pods need planning permission?

Generally, Quality Pods will not require planning permission, but we do advise that you check with your local authority first. You can take a look at various guides here.

How is our Quality Pod delivered?

Standard deliveries are usually carried out by a lorry crane, as long as the access is fine for the lorry to get into position safely he should have no problem lifting the pod into place. Please note that this is at the driver’s discretion.

If a more complicated delivery and placement of the pod is required, just give us a ring and we can advice the best solution.

Can you deliver outside normal working hours?

If necessary we can arrange delivery to suit particular requirements including after hours, weekends and holiday periods. The actual physical installation will typically take less than one hour from start to finish.

Can the Quality Pod be relocated?

>Absolutely! They are not permanent structures and are specifically designed so that they can be readily lifted by Tele-porter or crane.

Can you act as main contractor?

Yes – we can offer a full turnkey service.

Could we use our existing contractors for site work?

Yes. We can provide detailed instructions for site preparation.

We are very short of space at our site. Where could we put a Quality Pod?

One of the attractions of the Quality Pod is that with it’s integral steel frame it does not require formal foundations. It can sit in areas otherwise unusable – under trees, sloping or rough ground. It can also be craned in to inner courtyards. A site survey is carried out if needed.

What other costs are involved?

In addition to the cost of the selected Quality Pod(s), there are 2 other costs involved.

• Site preparation

• Electrical

What about electrical connection?

All Quality Pods are fitted with an electrical consumer unit and are pre-tested, the standard connection is usually via a 16amp female commando socket but this can be up to 32amp depending on internal fixtures i.e. Electric hob/electric shower.

Is the Quality Pod environmentally friendly?

Unlike so many products these days, Quality Pods are actually built in Britain. Excellent insulation and double glazing means superb thermal efficiency and low energy consumption. All timber products are FSC or PEFC standard, all additional materials are ethically and responsibly sourced. All our lighting is LED. All electrical items are usually ‘A’ rated or above.

Do Quality Pods have a warranty?

Yes. We provide a one year guarantee on everything covering workmanship or defective materials. In addition we provide a 10 year structural warranty. (We really expect them to go on for decades!)

For more info please see our terms and conditions.

What about maintenance?

The Quality Pod is virtually maintenance free all that is needed is a check of the silicone sealants’ externally, and the sealants’ in the shower room as you would any property. Also a quick check of the liquid roof system should be carried out. Other than this your Quality Pod should not require further external maintenance.